Friday, July 11, 2008

3D journey to the centre of the earth

Today was my day off and I really needed a day off. But having had a jolly evening with Phil on Thurs I was feeling a bit jaded and really could have done with the day in bed. However, instead I spent 2 hours at the bank having a finacial healthcheck (it's not looking good!), had a lovely lunch with Gaby Malcolm who I hadn't seen for over a year and 1hr at the health centre having a family healthcheck (I am in need of a bit of an physical overhaul!). The day was topped off by a family trip to Fact to see 3D journey to the centre of the earth. This was Andrea's idea and Barry, Kim and Jess (aged 8) came too. The 3d glasses were fantastically geeky but loads of fun and the film - even though it's plot is a bit predictable - was great. Having got used the seeing in 3D there were plenty of shocks and thrills to keep the kids happy and Andrea screaming. I can recommend both Fact (for its comfort and cleanliness) and the film for it's fun factor.

I am absolutely shattered and really need to get to bed so I am off now. More culture tomorrow as we are off to a show with my boss Henry in the afternoon. We have a trampoline to put up in the morning (oh joy!).

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