Thursday, June 4, 2009

off on retreat

I am off on retreat in a few hours so I am busy packing. It is lovely sunny day but the forecast is not good so I am pondering which season to pack for?!

It has already been quite a busy day: I have been in my office doing some admin that can't wait till Monday and just been to vote. I also have some shopping to do so I little trip to ASDA's is required and I need a spot of lunch.

So, the next time I write will be back on the Ellen Loudon blog because my diaconate year will be over and I will be a priest! I will, of course, be changing the Ellen Loudon tagline and will be making some changes to the format...but I am not sure exactly when that will happen.

Thanks for all your support and prayers this hasn't been the most straightforward of years but it has been far from dull. Loads of love...Ellen. xxx

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

mary poppins - Expialidocious

This was twittered to me today...and it is a lovely distraction for a hot summer's day

Monday, June 1, 2009

what a week this is going to be!

So here I am starting my last week before I become a priest (do I really mean 'become' - like I will change into someone new on Sunday? I am not sure? But, I am not sure how else to refer to my 'change'...any ideas do let me know!). Anyway, I am ordained priest on Sunday so this week is a going to be a bit busy. I am in the parish until Thursday lunchtime then off on retreat at teatime until Sunday.

I have a long long list of bits and bobs that need sorting before Sunday though you'll be pleased to know most of them are very superficial and none are theological - they mainly involve cleaning, changing the sheets on the bed, visiting people in hospital and in the sheltered accommodation, going to the hairdresser, meeting Henry for various things, buying black clothes dye to revive my clergy blacks and there is a slim chance that I may go to see Girls Aloud tomorrow night (if my attempt at gegging into the Echo Area pull itself off - though to be honest it is not looking good - but I live in hope).

I have written a brief post for re:jesus about the appearance of Jesus' face in a marmite jar which you may enjoy.

Hope you have a good week.