Tuesday, August 19, 2008

greenbelt preparation

I am busy sorting stuff out for greenbelt and starting to get excited. Mark and I are bot working at New Forms and are really looking forward to enabling the alternative worship groups to set up, worship, strike and leave in peace!

I have checked the long range weather forecast and all is looking good (we live in hope). Claire Caddick and I both have our wellies sorted so at least we will have dry feet if all else fails.

I am looking forward to:
- the CSM drinks in the Jesus Arms on Sat at 5pm
- Foundation service 6pm Sun at new forms
Dream service 2pm mon at new forms
- Bruce and Sara Stanley's Happiness and Chocolate & Neotopia an "edible workshop" at 8pm on Saturday in the Soul Space - "using the most pleasurable food to learn how to savour experience for the most happiness". And Neotopia is a multi-media meditation, taking place at 10pm on Sunday in the Soul Space. What would happen if the world was arranged so that you had just your fair share of its resources?
- Transcendance - Ancient-Future Mass on Fri
- Also, Jane Corbett is speaking - but I can't work out when and where yet.

I am also looking forward to seeing Andy Small again (for our now annual meeting and hang-out at Greenbelt) and seeing Becky S, Liz H and Foundationers and everyone else. Oh dear I am a bit excited in a slightly uncool way - hey ho!

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