Saturday, May 23, 2009

nasty cough

Sorry to not be blogging this week. The usual excuses...but a few new ones: I had a rather stressful preaching assignment for Thursday for Ascension day - an ecumenical service with Eucharist. I felt under a great deal of pressure to develop some ideas about Christ and the founding of the church - which I think I managed to pull off in the end - but it was touch and go until really the last minute.

Added to this stress I have had a nasty cough for a few weeks and I was starting to get really very tired of all the cough cough coughing. Eventually one of my parishioners suggested going to the local chemist and ask for the pharmacist's special cough medicine - called Black Magic (see above)! Well, I can tell you it has worked a feel absolutely no pain whatsoever and the cough submits very quickly to the black magic potion (if you click on the image above it gets big enough to see the ingredients of the potion - then you'll know why it is so effective).

Mark and Eva are both away for a few days (Eva in Colomendy of a school trip and Mark up Ben Nevis) I am home alone - which is lovely. Off to the supermarket now and then I shall potter about the house, eat cake and prepare myself for an evening of rubbish TV with nobody to fight over the control with (I have 3 episodes of primeval to catch up on).

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