Thursday, May 7, 2009

finding fab faces

Date; Saturday May 2nd 2009

Venue St. Lukes Church & District
AKA The Bombed Out Church

Mission to capture your face, yes, yours...get in to town any time after 01:00pm and meet the fabcollective at St. Lukes. Get your portrait taken for free and then you will be given a card with website details, be a part of our launch event and we'll make you famous...well on the internet at least.

The results...


george and evie said...

After your long trial hope you are now in the job proper and are enjoying the challenge. Hope Mark and Eva are well. Looks like Liverpool F.C.are going to be second again but at least Grimsby Town have stayed in the football league --- many prayers were said and answered.
George an Evie

Ellen Loudon said...

hey Evie and George...yes, trying to get on with stuff now but my head is a bit done in! Hey ho...Mark and Eva are very well and I guess LFC will be 'happy' with 2nd! Good news for Grimsby Town...much love and blessings to you. xxx