Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So, lent is nearly here and I have had a good old think about what to do this year. The Church of England has had the idea to social network this lent and is giving out free tweets and pokes (on facebook) during lent. But, seeing as I am quite socially networked already I can only encourage you to get involved and step up my own activity. You can twitter along with me via the twitter link to your right and I'd love to see you on facebook.

Last year I decided to give up white wine and nibbles for lent and it was very successful. I found that I was more energetic, less tired and even lost a bit of weight. I also found that I actually enjoyed the spiritual discipline of actually purging myself of any residual tendencies to depend on white wine and nibbles for relaxation purposes. So, it had occurred to me that I didn't need that discipline again. But, I have found myself looking forward to it so I am going to give this another go.

The last few years I have also been committed to starting something up during lent. So, this lent I am gong to be more assertive about giving thanks before meals, I have some heart-shaped post-it notes that I am going to distribute liberally with blessings written on them. I have a few other possible start-up plans which I will hopefully let you know about in due course.

Tonight Eva and I have a pancake plan - but Mark is off with Da Boyz so he's going to miss out. Hey ho.

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